Even if you’ve got a history of asthma attack, you’ll be able to still lead a vigorous life. we tend to speak to doctors and fitness enthusiasts to search out out however

Nirav Mehta has lived with asthma attack since he was a baby. He still remembers sleepless nights once he would ought to not blink and bend forward to be able to breathe, usually falling asleep once sitting. whereas in class, most sports passed him by as a result of running would go away associate degree asthma.

Asthma could be a non-communicable malady that affected associate degree calculable 262 million folks in 2019 and is that the most typical chronic malady among kids, in keeping with the planet Health Organization. The air passages within the lungs become slim because of inflammation and adjustment of the muscles round the little airways for those that suffer from asthma attack. This causes asthma attack symptoms: cough, wheeze, shortness of breath and chest tightness. These symptoms square measure intermittent and square measure usually worse in the dark or throughout exercise, the United Nations agency notes. whereas asthma attack can’t be cured, “good management with inhaled medications will management the malady and change folks with asthma attack to get pleasure from a traditional, active life,” it adds.

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