Stereophonics frontman Kelly Jones has discovered his latest song was written regarding the “serious and scary” amount wherever his initial kid was being treated for cancer.

The song, Forever, options on the Welsh rock band’s new album Oochya!

It was written once his now-teenage son Colby was regarding eighteen months recent.

Jones rediscovered the unused track whereas functioning on new Stereophonics material throughout imprisonment.

The melodic down-tempo song includes the lyrics “fly away forever” and “take your pain for you and unharness you”.

Jones aforesaid he felt the sentiment would resonate with listeners nowadays.

“Forever was written quite very long time agone lyrically and at the time it had been regarding being round-faced with one thing quite serious and shivery in my life,” aforesaid Jones.

Jones has 2 kids together {with his|along with his} former partner married woman Walters and 2 with his married person, MTV journalist, Jakki Healy.

Colby is that the singer’s eldest kid.

“That song was regarding – my initial child at the time – prying cancer once they were like eighteen months, nineteen months recent,” aforesaid Jones, United Nations agency is from Cwmaman, Rhondda Cynon Taf

“Not knowing however i used to be progressing to affect it and attempting to safeguard the one who was prying it.

“It became like desperate to escape, however you cannot escape as a result of you have got to face no matter goes on.”

Jones aforesaid he ne’er forgot regarding the antecedently suppressed song, and believed it “fit the feeling” of the new album.

“It’s regarding freedom and it’s regarding recreation, however it is also regarding, I guess, you have got to stay on keeping on through it, throughout regardless of the powerful times ar.

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