Thousands of Porsche and Volkswagen cars are abandoned on a cargo vessel once it caught hearth within the Atlantic on route to the North American nation.

The ship, named Felicity Ace, was travel from Emden in FRG before it caught ablaze off the coast of Portugal’s Acores islands.

German newspaper Handelsblatt reported the vessel was carrying three,965 vehicles, that conjointly enclosed Audis and Lamborghinis, according Volkswagen USA.

The ship’s crew are reclaimed.

Portugal’s navy aforesaid nobody was hurt by the hearth, that poor out on weekday, and therefore the twenty two crew members were taken to a edifice once the navy, four bourgeois ships sailing within the space and therefore the Portuguese Air Force completed the evacuation.

“The owner of the ship Felicity Ace is in-tuned with the supply agent so as to draw up a thought for the towing of the ship,” the navy aforesaid in an exceedingly statement.

“So far, no supply of pollution has been recorded.”

According to Handelsblatt, an interior email from Volkswagen USA explicit that the ship was carrying three,965 vehicles of the VW, Porsche, Audi and Lamborghini brands.

Volkswagen didn’t make sure the quantity of cars on board, however Porsche aforesaid it had regarding one,100 of its models on the ship.

The ship was travel a Volkswagen industrial plant in Davisville, Rhode Island, in keeping with the web site Marine Traffic.

One client tweeted to mention his Porsche was on board the ship.

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